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BIMCO on Bloomberg Intelligence Webinar - Playback Video

09 January 2015

Bloomberg intelligence held a webinar with BIMCO’s Chief Shipping analyst Peter Sand and Jonathan Chappell from Evercore ISI on 8 January 2015. If you were not able to be part of it you can watch the playback video via the link below.

Dry cargo market report dated 27 March 2020

30 March 2020

Supramax: An anaemic week for the Supramax market – driven lower predominantly by the Atlantic routes, as macro concerns continued to weigh heavily on the index . The weekly dry bulk market report contains a summary of the recent movements in the market, alongside the latest figures for average dry bulk earnings and Baltic Dry indices.

Macro Economics: Demand supported by EU and US while China is creating uncertainty

08 October 2015

All eyes are on China in recent months as most other non-Chinese economic indicators have been dwarfed by the government’s actions and markets’ reactions. It is all of the things that we don’t know about the Chinese economy that is worrying, not the fact that the economy is in a transition phase which inevitably will drive down GDP growth and change import and export patterns.

Macro Economics - Global growth on its way back, but dampened by high unemployment

11 December 2013

As we are about to call it a day on 2013, we can now look back at a year that we are happy to say good-bye to, as it disappointed us. One year ago, 2013 was proclaimed to be a year with stronger growth than the one we had just left. Today, we are predicting the same thing in 2014, which is estimated to be just as good at 2013 was supposed to be.