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Laytime Definitions for Charter Parties 2013

19 October 2021

The Laytime Definitions for Charter Parties have been developed to provide practitioners with a set of meanings of commonly used words and phrases. The objective is to help reduce disputes about party intentions in a market where fixtures are often concluded on the basis of a recap message and listed amendments, without the exchange or return of draft contracts. These provisions have been developed for incorporation into charter parties. The latest edition of these definitions is the Laytime Definitions for Charter Parties 2013.

What are the differences between demurrage and detention?

24 November 2021

Demurrage forms an integrated part of the laytime provisions in voyage charter parties operating with fixed laytime. Just as voyage freight, the amount of demurrage negotiated reflects the current market conditions and not necessarily the daily cost of the vessel. This means that it is just as important to negotiate the applicable demurrage rate as skilfully as it is to negotiate the rate of freight. Demurrage constitutes the compensation to which the owners are entitled, if the charterers fail to load or discharge the ship within laytime allowed. However, different jurisdictions construe demurrage differently.

Customised inhouse training

19 November 2021

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