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01 July 2022

BIMCO providing information and guidance relating to fumigation of cargoes that are shipped under the IMSBC Code, the Grain Code and the IMDG Code.

Maritime Labour Convention – what are the latest amendments adopted in 2022?

18 May 2022

With the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic that started in 2020 , it has inevitably brought about all possible delays and impact ed every sector of the shipping industry. Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise as the Maritime Labour Convention’s amendments were timely to take into account the experiences which the shipping industry has had in particular with seafarers . BIMCO sees th is as a major step to improving the protection of seafarers especially for cases where they have been abandoned or are in need of medical assistance or basic entitlement to internet access on board ships as well at ports.

BIMCO COVID 19 weekly report

19 February 2021

The BIMCO Maritime Information department informs members on a weekly basis, updates about the COVID-19 in relation to implementation measures imposed by governments for sea transport including for crew change as well as from the United Nation bodies like the International Maritime Organization (IMO), World Health Organization (WHO) and International Labour Organization (ILO). BIMCO provides the following update for this week ending Friday, 19 February 2021

Amendments 2022 to MLC, 2006 and resolutions adopted

20 May 2022

At the Part II of the fourth meeting of the Special Tripartite Committee (STC) of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 ( MLC, 2006) ( the "meeting") held from 5 to 13 May 2022, amendments to the MLC,2006 and resolutions were adopted. BIMCO gives a brief write-up here and will follow up with the official amendments once they are formally approved at the upcoming conference of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) expected to be held in May/June. The amendments should enter into force by December 2024 once approved at the ILO conference.

IMSBC Code group C cargoes

15 December 2022

A Group C cargo is a cargo which is neither classified as group A nor group B. Note : Group A cargoes which possess a hazard due to moisture that may result in liquefaction or dynamic separation if shipped at a moisture content in excess of their transportable moisture limit. Group B cargoes are those which possess a chemical hazard that could give rise to a dangerous situation on a ship.

IMSBC Code group A cargoes

15 December 2022

A Group A cargo is one which possesses a hazard due to moisture that may result in liquefaction or dynamic separation if shipped at a moisture content in excess of its transportable moisture limit.

Testing of solid bulk cargoes for corrosivity - IMO issues final guidance

29 November 2022

BIMCO providing guidance on the corrosivity test that is applied to solid bulk cargoes under the International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes ( IMSBC) Code. This is for testing of solid bulk cargoes as corrosive solids under the hazard classification of materials that are hazardous when transported in bulk (MHB).