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29 August 2020

The GENCOA is BIMCO’s standard contract of affreightment for dry bulk cargoes. A contract of affreightment is an agreement between an owner and a charterer for the carriage of a certain amount and type of goods between agreed ports over a given period of time. It is not limited to a particular ship, but operates as a series of voyage charter parties. GENCOA has been designed to be used with any dry cargo charter party, although BIMCO would recommend the use of GENCON, COAL-OREVOY or GRAINCON. The latest edition of this contract is GENCOA from 2004. Copyright in GENCOA is held by BIMCO.

BIMCO scales up its direct membership engagement

22 September 2022

We’re scaling up our direct engagement with you, our members. Earlier this week, around 20 ship managers joined the relatively new BIMCO Ship Manager Advisory Panel for a debate about how to handle the EU ETS in practice. Also this week, the very first meeting took place in the BIMCO Bunker Buyer Network where around 20 bunker buyers among our owner members met to address some of the topical issues related to bunkering. Among other topics, the network reflected on upcoming GHG regulations and debated topics for future meetings as the nature of the networks are user driven.

Documentary Committee to focus on carbon clauses at February gathering

09 February 2022

BIMCO’s approval body for contracts and clauses will meet online on 23 February. The development of a series of carbon clauses is high on the Committee’s agenda. An Emissions Trading System Allowances (ETSA) Clause for time charters is up for adoption and the Committee will also be asked to review a first draft of a CII Compliance Clause. Both clauses follow hard on the heels of the EEXI Transition Clause published in December last year as part of BIMCO’s prioritised roll-out of carbon-related clauses for the industry.