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Latest news on BIMCO's contracts and clauses

23 June 2016

Latest news about BIMCO's contracts and clauses: New novation agreements; update on revision of SUPPLYTIME, BARECON and WORLDFOOD charter parties; update on Standard Term Sheet.

Cross industry group sets new standard with revised bunker contract

03 May 2018

BIMCO’s Documentary Committee approved a new set of standard bunker terms, developed by a cross-industry group, in New York on 2 May. The BIMCO Bunker Terms 2018 improve on the previous edition with a maximum limit of the parties’ liabilities – a key change that will lead to wider adoption of the contract.

Refund Guarantee for Shipbuilding Contracts

23 May 2022

Refund guarantees are an integral part of a shipbuilding project. Whilst they are not part of the shipbuilding contract as such, it is unlikely that any ship building contract would be signed if there was no such guarantee for the buyer. The refund guarantee is often regarded as the “financial cornerstone” of a shipbuilding project. Copyright in the BIMCO Refund Guarantee for Shipbuilding Contracts is held by BIMCO.

BIMCO launches new contract for employment of security escort vessels

02 December 2021

BIMCO’s Documentary Committee has approved a new standard contract for security escort vessels (SEVs). The standard is a balanced contractual framework for SEVs that accompany merchant ships in high threat areas such as the Gulf of Guinea which has recently seen a rise in piracy activity as the dry season has begun.

Slew of new contracts and clauses top BIMCO committee’s upcoming meeting

18 September 2020

Projects for standard contracts and clauses covering almost every sector of the shipping industry will be reviewed by BIMCO’s Documentary Committee (DC) when it meets on 21 and 22 September. The gathering of over 70 documentary experts from around the world will take place online for the first time and two new contracts and two clauses are set to be approved for publication.

FONASBA International Brokers Commission Contract

29 August 2020

The International Brokers Commission Contract is an agreement between owners and brokers for owners’ payment of commission to brokers. The copyright in this document is held by FONASBA and it has been recommended by BIMCO.

BIMCO contracts

10 May 2022

All of BIMCO's most widely used charter parties, bills of lading and other standard agreements are available in an electronic format using BIMCO's online pay-as-you-go charter party editing system, SmartCon .