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Ship arrest clauses focus on “sphere of responsibility”

14 June 2019

BIMCO has published two clauses that take a balanced approach to termination risk following ship arrest, in response to cases seen in recent years when some dry cargo charterers have tightened procedures to arrest under a charter party.

BIMCO clauses

07 December 2021

BIMCO has developed a large number of standalone clauses to supplement the standard contracts. These clauses address a wide range of topics and can be downloaded free of charge.

New BIMCO Law & Arbitration Clause under way

15 May 2020

BIMCO has started work to develop a new Law & Arbitration Clause. The new clause will provide a short and “one size fits all” approach to dispute resolution, while adding Hong Kong as the fourth named arbitration venue. The addition of Hong Kong reflects its increased popularity as a centre for dispute resolution and that it is currently ranked among the top maritime arbitration centres in the world.

Force Majeure Clause 2022

10 January 2022

This clause addresses force majeure events occurring under contracts used by the shipping industry that affects the performance of the parties. It is a model clause that should be carefully reviewed by the parties and adapted as required to fit the context of the type of contract it is used in.

BIMCO launches anti-corruption clause for shipping contracts worldwide

24 November 2015

BIMCO, the world’s largest international shipping organisation, has now launched an anti-corruption clause for charter parties. The new clause will give owners and charterers a contractual platform for cooperative action to resist demands for illegal payments from port officials and others.