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20 September 2016

BIMCHEMVOY 2008 is a standard voyage charter party for the transportation of chemicals in tanker ships. It is accompanied by its own bill of lading, BIMCHEMVOYBILL 2016. The latest edition of this contract is BIMCHEMVOY 2008. Copyright in BIMCHEMVOY 2008 is held by BIMCO.

BIMCHEMTIME Vetting and Inspection Clause 2006

26 April 2007

The development of the Vetting and Inspection Clause formed part of the general task of modernising the 1984 BIMCHEMTIME charter party. However, recognising the potential benefit to the chemical industry of coming up with a good standard vetting and inspection clause, BIMCO decided to prepare the BIMCHEMTIME Vetting and Inspection Clause as a free-standing standard clause that can be incorporated into other chemical carrier time charter parties. The Vetting and Inspection Clause forms a cornerstone of any time charter party in the chemical trade. BIMCO’s Vetting and Inspection Clause for Chemical Carriers is an attempt to deal in a reasonable way with a fundamentally unreasonable situation.


19 September 2016

The BIMCHEMVOYBILL is a charter party bill of lading for parcel shipments of chemicals carried under the BIMCHEMVOY voyage charter party for the transportation of chemicals in tank vessels. The latest edition of this bill of lading is BIMCHEMVOYBILL 2016. This amended edition incorporates the International Group of P&I Clubs/BIMCO Himalaya Clause for Bills of Lading and other contracts 2014, an updated layout and signature box, and a reference to the York-Antwerp Rules 2016 in respect of the Rules according to which General Average should be adjusted. Copyright in BIMCHEMVOYBILL 2016 is held by BIMCO.