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Dry cargo fixture and market reports dated 12 July 2019

15 July 2019

Capesize: It was a Brazilian affair with a strong splash of bunkers characterising the Cape market over the past week. The Baltic Exchange daily fixture report features daily updates on the Baltic exchange indexes, timecharters, periods, voyage fixtures and is listed by ship name, size, delivery place and freight rate. The weekly dry bulk market report by the Baltic Exchange contains news impacting the following segments; capesize, panamax, supramax and handysize. 

IMO: The chance of postponing 1 January 2020 deadline is zero

09 July 2019

The Bulletin met with Frederick Kenney, Director of Legal and External Affairs at the International Maritime Organization (IMO), to talk about why there is no chance that the 2020 sulphur limit deadline will be pushed, what will happen if ships experience operational problems because of the new fuels, and why regulation of open-loop scrubbers should be consistent rather than regional.