Shipping KPI April News 2017


Brief introduction to "My Ships" feature with vivid images. The Shipping KPI survey is still available so please check and response if you haven’t. We appreciate your participation  and your contribution.

Shipping KPI Monthly News April 2017 – Features of "My Ships"

On behalf of BIMCO Shipping KPI, thank you for your participation in our KPI survey. We appreciate all of your comments and suggestions. The Shipping KPI survey is still available and if you haven’t answered the questionnaire yet, we would really encourage you to participate so we can make necessary improvements to the Shipping KPI system.

Things you might not know about shipping KPIs – My Ships

Copying information from a previous quarter

In the “My Ships” section, as announced in the January news, there is a new option which allows you to copy ship information from the previous quarter. To access this feature, in “My Ships” choose “Copy from ------(the period depending on the quarter you choose then minus one)” - see demonstrated below- because the “Quarter” is chosen as “2016-Q4” so the “Copy from” box is shown as “Copy from 2016-Q3”.

After choosing the “Copy from” box, there will be a pop-up window to ask whether you agree to copy fleet data from the previous quarter. If there is nothing wrong, click “OK” to proceed otherwise click “Cancel”. After clicking “OK”, there will be a notification line to announce how the copying function is processed.

Exporting report from My Ships

In the My Ships section, besides importing and exporting data, you can also download a PDF report about the ships that you have submitted into the system.

After clicking My Ships, you will enter the My Ships section. Here you select which quarter you want then click Report. When you click the Report box, a pop-up window will appear. You can use this pop-up window to make changes to your report such as which ships, or what type of information you want the report to include. Once you are satisfied with your choices, click OK and then the report PDF file will start to download automatically.

Monthly random shipping KPIs - KPI033: Vetting deficiencies

This KPI expresses the ship manager’s ability to avoid deficiencies and negative observations from vetting inspections. The KPI counts the number of deficiencies (including any substandard act, practice or condition) and negative observations, recorded during vetting inspections. The number of deficiencies and negative observations are then made relative to the total number of vetting inspections.KPI033 is measured in 'Deficiencies/Inspection'.

KPI033 Value Calculation Example

A  Number of vetting deficiencies:   = 4
B  Number of vetting inspections:   = 2
KPI Value  Vetting deficiencies  =A/B= 4/2= 2

For more information:

Please email all other comments and questions to Peter Lundahl Rasmussen:

About BIMCO's Shipping KPI System

  • It has 64 different indicators
  • Provides an accurate comparison of ships
  • Has anonymised data
  • Boosts performance improvements
  • Ship/fleet/industry benchmarking
  • The Steering Group: has a direct reporting line to BIMCO's Executive Committee and is responsible for defining and adhering to the Shipping KPI's vision and mission as well as maintaining the overall business case for the system.
  • The Expert Group: reports to the steering group and is responsible for ensuring that the Shipping KPI System is continuously developed and fulfils both current and future needs of its users.
Vy Lee
By Vy Le
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