Shipping KPI March 2017 news


Shipping KPI survey - this is the time for you to express your opinion. Your answers will be analysed for further improvements to the shipping KPI system.

The Shipping KPI system announces the 23rd ship attribute called "Ship Status".

Shipping KPI survey

The BIMCO Shipping KPI receives a lot of support and consideration from the maritime industry. As of today, we have 524 accounts with nearly 300 active users. Therefore, we want to hear your voice about the shipping KPI and how do you want the shipping KPI to improve? 

Can you fill in this short questionnaire for us? The questionnaire takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

It focuses mainly on using shipping KPIs in ship management and your feedback is invaluable. Your answers will be analysed for further improvements to the shipping KPI.

This survey will also be used for a Master thesis about the user's perspective on the impact of using shipping KPIs in ship management. Therefore, I am looking forward to your responses as the data needs to be finalised before the end of March 2017. 

Thank you for your consideration and support. If there are any queries or issues related to this questionnaire, please do not hesitate contact me on  (Ms. Vy Le – Junior assistant Shipping KPI).

Things you might not know

Ship “attributes” are used for filtering during benchmarking and grouping in statistical analysis. Similar to “performance Indicators” all ship attributes are collected per ship per quarter. In total, we now have 23 ship attributes with “META023: Ship Status” as a new addition. 

“META023: Ship Status” reflects the operational condition of the ship on the final day of the quarter. META023 has three possible ship statuses, including, in service, laid up and broken up. This attribute helps classify whether a ship is ready to carry out its duties during the reporting period. The “Ship attributes” feature is part of the plan to improve on existing features but also add where required. BIMCO Shipping KPI will continue to add new attributes or revised versions in the future. In addition to ship classification, more attributes will be added to filter criteria in the benchmarking feature very soon.

Monthly random shipping KPI

KPI024: Operational deficiencies

This KPI expresses the company’s ability to avoid operational related deficiencies recorded during external inspections and audits. 

The KPI counts the number of operational related deficiencies including any sub-standard act, practice or condition (not including HR-, security-, health and safety- and environmental deficiencies) recorded during external inspections and audits. The number of deficiencies is then made relative to the total number of external inspections. KPI024 is measured in 'Deficiencies/Inspection'.
KPI024 Value calculation example

A  Number of operational related deficiencies:   =1
 B  Number of recorded external inspections:  =5
 KPI Value  Operational deficiencies  =A/B=0.2

For more information:

Please email all other comments and questions to Peter Lundahl Rasmussen:

About BIMCO's Shipping KPI System

  • It has 64 different indicators
  • Provides an accurate comparison of ships
  • Has anonymised data
  • Boosts performance improvements
  • Ship/fleet/industry benchmarking
  • The Steering Group: has a direct reporting line to BIMCO's Executive Committee and is responsible for defining and adhering to the Shipping KPI's vision and mission as well as maintaining the overall business case for the system.
  • The Expert Group: reports to the steering group and is responsible for ensuring that the Shipping KPI System is continuously developed and fulfils both current and future needs of its users.            


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