BIMCO's market analysis team launches new multimedia page


BIMCO’s market analysis team spearheads the launch of a multimedia page on the BIMCO website, where videos and soundbites of the latest market analysis and comments will be available. 

Quarterly market analysis webinars

The launching of the multimedia page corresponds with the release of the recordings from the most recent quarterly report on the three main shipping markets. These webinars, presented by Peter Sand, BIMCO’s Chief Shipping Analyst and Rasmus Nord Jørgensen, BIMCO’s Communication Director, are held on a quarterly basis coinciding with the release of the BIMCO Bulletin.

The three videos each cover a shipping market, namely dry bulk, tanker and container shipping. In them, Peter Sand, BIMCO’s Chief Shipping Analyst briefly discusses the macro economic situation the markets find themselves in before going into the development in freight rates, the fleet outlook and factors influencing the demand.

Previously, recordings of these webinars have been found on BIMCO’s YouTube Channel, and while this will continue to be the case, the multimedia page on the BIMCO website will allow for more direct access.

Follow BIMCO in different ways

The multimedia page currently contains links to interviews and podcasts where Peter Sand has participated and presentations he has made. Following the multimedia page as well as BIMCO’s Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, will allow BIMCO members and others a greater oversight of BIMCO’s views on the shipping market. In addition to new developments like BIMCO’s 2020 Bunker Clauses, SmartCon, BIMCO’s Shipping KPIs and more.

More BIMCO departments will be featured in future

The multimedia page will be regularly updated with BIMCO webinars as well as interviews and podcasts. The page will not only include content from the Shipping Market Analysis team, but webinars and videos from other BIMCO departments will also be included on the multimedia page at a later stage.

This includes webinars and videos produced by other BIMCO departments, such as Contracts & Clauses, Maritime Technology & Regulation, Maritime Security and more.

Find the new multimedia page here.

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