Meet BIMCO’S Chief Shipping Analyst in Hamburg


BIMCO’s chief shipping analyst will be participating at the Container Trade Europe Conference on 18-20 September 2018 in Hamburg.

Peter Sand will take part in the “Containerised Shipping Market: Analysing the Outlook” panel discussion scheduled for 19 September between 10:45 and 12:00.

He will be joined by Anthony J. Firmin, Chief Operating Officer at Hapag-Lloyd and David Kerstens, Equity Analyst at Jefferies. The panel debate will be chaired by Mark Szakonyi, Executive Editor at

The panel will discuss the mounting challenges for the container shipping industry over the next year, including what the supply – demand balance will look like as well as the impact of increased oil prices and challenges in deploying the largest ships without harming freight rates.

Chief Shipping Analyst Peter Sand comments on container shipping: “BIMCO previously expected 2018 would see the fundamental balance improving and higher freight rates across the board as a result of the fleet growing slower than demand, now it seems as if it’s not going to happen. Partly due to demand growing marginally less than expected, but mostly due to the much faster fleet expansion”.

New outlook

Before then BIMCO will have published the third quarterly market overview, which will analyse the state of the shipping market including the container industry focusing on the demand, supply and outlook, with insights into contracting, demolition activity and the impact of the trade war.

On 3 September 2018, Peter Sand will host a webinar for Europe and the Americas from 15:30 CEST about the market overview. (9:30AM Eastern Time Zone; 2:30PM London).

About the event

The Container Trade Europe Conference will be held at the Sofitel Hamburg Alter Wall in Hamburg, Germany.

If you would like a private meeting with Peter Sand, feel free to contact him at

BIMCO’s shipping market analysis team uses global economics as a starting point for analysing all seaborne trades. By analysing the commercial markets for dry bulkers, tankers and containerships, they assist management, members and clients with insight into many different aspects of the global shipping industry.

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Peter Sand
in Copenhagen, DK


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