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June 2018

BIMCO partner in new maritime security website

BIMCO has launched a new website with maritime security guidance to companies and mariners together with other international shipping industry organisations.

Shipping Industry Launches New Security Resources for World Fleet

International shipping industry organisations, with military support, have launched a new website dedicated to providing comprehensive maritime security guidance to companies and mariners.

BIMCO and Fairplay launch survey to highlight Cyber Security

BIMCO and Fairplay are encouraging members to participate in a survey that will result in greater awareness on how the industry prepares for and handles cyber attacks.

Threat Assessment Releasable to Industry (TARI) for the Mediterranean

NATO's Maritime Command has released this threat assessment for the Mediterranean. It assesses the security risks to shipping in the Mediterranean as low, elaborating on topics such as migrants, drug smuggling, maritime terrorism and spillovers from the conflicts in Libya and Syria.

Yemen port advisory

To all BIMCO members operating ships in the vicinity of Hudaydah port please note the latest US Maritime Advisory

BIMCO urges IMO to harmonise digital data reporting

In 2019 the new mandatory requirements on Electronic Data Interchange require public authorities to establish systems for the electronic exchange of information to assist ship clearance processes.

Wildlife taskforce alert

Please find attached the 1 June 2018 United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce Alert, concerning “Dried fish maws a concealment method for illicit ivory and pangolin scales." 

May 2018

Revised emergency response procedures for ships carrying dangerous goods

Revised emergency response procedures for ships carrying dangerous goods was one of the many items discussed at IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 99). Autonomous ships, security and adoption of amendments to mandatory instruments were also on the agenda.

IMO pave the way for future autonomous shipping

For the first time, IMO will discuss the maritime autonomous ships. The use of autonomous ships – or so-called unmanned ships - will create the need for a regulatory framework for such ships and their interaction and co-existence with manned ships.

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