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January 2018

Calcium hypochlorite in containers – Timely guidance issued for safe carriage

Guidelines issued for shipment of calcium hypochlorite in containers available.

IMO SDC 5 will continue the work to make mooring safer on future ships

The 5th session of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Construction (SDC 5) will be held in London from 22 to 26 January 2018.

October 2017

IMO preparation for an initial strategy on reduction of GHG from ships.

BIMCO participated in the second workshop at IMO for the preparation of the initial strategy on reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from ships last week in London.

BIMCO urges harmonisation standards for information exchange

BIMCO called for harmonisation of computer data elements identity. A lack of such harmonisation will lead to excessive administrative burdens when using digital exchange of information between the ship and shore.

ECDIS update

Port state control officers inspecting ships carring ECDIS should take a pragmatic approach if the ECDIS is not updated.

What is the difference between dynamic separation and liquefaction?

A quick and simple illustration on the different phenemena : dynamic separation process and liquefaction.

IMO issues warning on sea transport of Ammonium Nitrate Based Fertilizer (non-hazardous)

IMO issues warning on the dangers of carrying ammonium nitrate based fertilizers (non-hazardous) in bulk and advises on safety precautions for safe carriage.

September 2017

Port reception facilities and port state control on the IMO agenda

This week’s meeting of the Implementation of IMO Instrument (III) Sub-Committee was in general business as usual because no controversial issues were raised. The bulk of the meeting papers consisted of the different Port State Control (PSC) regimes’ annual reports.

Port reception facilities and port state control on the agenda

IMO will hold its 4th Sub-committee meeting on Implementation of IMO instruments (III) the so called III 4 meeting 25 to 29 September 2017.

New standards for port calls makes the stay much easier

New definitions for a ship’s stay in port will increase efficiency.

Stay up to date

BIMCO’s news on safety is primarily related to regulation and IMO-work to improve safety on ships. Example topics includes fuel safety, dangerous cargoes, entry into closed spaces and fire.