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February 2020

Coronavirus - IMO issues timely advice regarding impact on shipping industry

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) issues a follow-up on coronavirus. 

BIMCO encourages uniform ship-port data exchange in IMO submission

BIMCO, flag administrations and port associations have submitted a proposal to the IMO Facilitation Committee to develop IMO guidelines that provide global industry standards for data and data sharing, with the aim to enhance communication and thereby efficiency during port calls.

Novel Coronavirus - the importance of contractual clarity

BIMCO has received numerous enquiries from members uncertain about how the Novel Coronavirus outbreak will impact contracts. The following includes some general remarks, but it is important to evaluate carefully each situation on its own merits.

Coronavirus Outbreak – Advice and updates from BIMCO

In response to a rising number of enquiries from members, BIMCO is constantly updating its website with contractual and practical advice regarding the outbreak of the Coronavirus, which has been declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO). Please find our designated content page here.

January 2020

WHO declares coronavirus outbreak a global health emergency - BIMCO advises

Since 23 January 2020, BIMCO has been busy updating members about this serious coronavirus outbreak online and it has now been announced by WHO yesterday that it is officially a global health emergency. BIMCO advises members of how this outbreak can be monitored closely and issues information and guidance accordingly.

Novel Coronavirus - implementation measures taken by various countries

BIMCO is monitoring this novel coronavirus outbreak closely and will attempt to provide members with the latest information relating to measures implemented by various countries to combat this global and serious outbreak which could impact sea transport.

Suez Canal has banned discharge of wash water from open-loop scrubbers

At the end of 2019, the Suez Canal Authority issued a circular (no. 8/2019) related to the IMO 2020 sulphur regulation, in which it also placed a ban on the discharge of wash water from open-loop scrubbers while transiting the Canal.

New Virus outbreaks in China, Japan, Republic of Korea - WHO advises

A new virus "Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)" has been detected, causing serious outbreaks in China, Japan and Republic of Korea. WHO issues advice for international  travel and trade.

US Coast Guard introduces new examinations for foreign ships calling US ports

BIMCO has received information about changes made by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) to its Port State Control (PSC) boarding matrix. 

December 2019

BIMCO makes Holiday Calendar improvements and change to distribution

As holidays are not static, but constantly changing, BIMCO’s Holiday Calendar is an invaluable tool for many in the industry. Starting with the 2020 edition, BIMCO has made improvements and changes to the accessibility and distribution of the calendar.