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March 2021

2021 crude oil tanker demolition stalls as second-hand prices win

Despite low freight rates, very few crude oil tankers have been sent for demolition so far this year.

February 2021

Tanker shipping: a tough year ahead as virus mutations and slow vaccine rollout hampers recovery

After a turbulent year, low demand looks set to plague the market in the coming months combined with too many ships fighting for too few cargoes in both the crude oil and oil product segments.

Container shipping: continued disruption will ensure carrier profitability well into 2021

After a down and up year in container volumes, the current logjams in the system and unbalanced trades will take months to resolve, allowing carriers to profit from high freight rates, and tonnage providers to enjoy lofty charter rates.

Dry bulk shipping: strong start to year ends as slow recovery awaits

After an unusually strong start to the year, seasonality has caught up with the dry bulk market. Coupled with a slow recovery in global economic activity, it looks set to be another challenging year.

Macroeconomics: shipping enjoys a higher trade multiplier as 2021 promises a slow recovery

In many ways, shipping managed to dodge the worst bullet in 2020, as the nature of the crisis, its containment measures, and government stimulus around the world meant that global trade volumes were not hit as badly as global gross domestic product (GDP) or other even worse-performing sectors, such as services.

Container shipping emerges triumphant from a disrupted 2020

In the full year of 2020, global container shipping volumes fell by 1.2% compared with 2019, much less than feared even before the pandemic was first declared, and much recovered compared with the 6.8% drop recorded in the first six months of the year.

January 2021

After the party, the hangover is proving drawn out for tanker shipping

Tanker shipping was in many ways the odd one out of the shipping sectors in 2020; at the start of the pandemic, the market was strong, only to finish off the year in the doldrums, while the other sectors stayed profitable.

Chinese imports heading for 50% market share of the dry bulk market after a turbulent year

The turbulence of the past year has in many ways clouded the underlying fundamentals in the dry bulk shipping market, but with 2020 now behind us, we are in a better position to establish an overview of expectations for 2021.

October 2016

BIMCO launches new analysis on the wider impact of the dry bulk crisis

BIMCO has today published the next in its series of reports looking at the “road to recovery” for dry bulk shipping beyond the current market difficulties. The foundation for the new report follows the conclusion of BIMCO’s previous analysis – that due to the severity of the current crisis the sector can only return to profitability in 2019 if shipowners deliver “zero supply side growth”, year on year.

May 2016

BIMCO President speaks on the “road to recovery” for the dry bulk market

“Scrapping ships and no new builds is the fastest road to recovery for the dry bulk market” BIMCO President Philippe Louis-Dreyfus comments on BIMCO’s latest market analysis