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October 2018

Shipowners urged to check coverage as reissuance of Vessel General Permit is delayed

The US Environmental Protection Agency has announced that the awaited third Vessel General Permit (VGP 3.0) will be delayed, putting pressure on shipowners and operators to make sure they are covered prior to the December 18 deadline.

Help BIMCO and EPA catch bad bunker suppliers

Based on a request from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), BIMCO is doing a so-called “Bad Bunker Survey”. We ask members for their experiences and data with bad bunkers in order to collect data for EPA to potentially be used as evidence in cases against bad bunker suppliers.

BIMCO calls for plan to minimize plastic waste entering the ocean

BIMCO is calling for an action plan to ensure that adequate facilities for plastic waste disposal and processing for recycling are available ashore, as such facilities are a prerequisite for preventing plastic from entering the ocean when delivered to port reception facilities by the ships.

BIMCO proposes reporting system for containers lost at sea

BIMCO and the World Shipping Council (WCS) have launched a proposal for a mandatory and standardized reporting system to be developed, to address the safety and environmental risks associated with containers lost at sea.

BIMCO and industry partners to launch hull underwater cleaning standard

In response to growing concerns over the impact of hull biofouling on the marine environment, BIMCO and a group of industry partners have set out to create an internationally recognised standard.

September 2018

China says no ban on open loop scrubbers in sight

China officials have confirmed that there are no plans to impose a ban on open loop scrubbers in the country, as long as they are in compliance with prevailing regulation.

First BIMCO 2020 bunker clause fast tracked for October

BIMCO will produce several clauses dealing with specific issues related to 2020, as making one clause to fit all concerns was deemed unworkable. The first 2020 clause – focused on compliance - may be published as soon as end October.

BIMCO attends IMO meeting to discuss ballast water disposal

Representatives from BIMCO are attending meetings at the IMO in London to discuss the Implementation of Ballast Water Management Convention and a proposal submitted by China (III 5/14/2) concerning the use of port reception facilities for discharging ballast water as a means of implementing the BWM Convention.

BIMCO publishes list of options for discharging scrubber wash water

BIMCO issues a list of scrubber regulation related to the discharge of the wash water

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