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We are BIMCO – meet Henriette, our new Head of Membership Engagement

Published: 08 August 2022

“When you bring people together, that’s when the magic happens,” says Henriette Dybkær, BIMCO’s new Head of Membership Engagement.

As BIMCO’s new Head of Membership Engagement, it’s Henriette’s role to do just that – bring people together.

“We’re going to be organising many more events for members and BIMCO’s experts to get together,” she explains. “And it’s not just about watching a webinar given by a subject matter expert.”

BIMCO is an organisation where member engagement is part of our DNA. Traditionally, it’s been through members being on the board and the various committees, such as the Documentary Committee and the Marine Environment Committee. But Henriette’s goal is to strengthen engagement – going broader and deeper so that members feel they are part of BIMCO, rather than just receiving our services.

“I’ve hosted hundreds of webinars and member events over the years,” says Henriette. “I’m really excited about connecting with members and industry stakeholders.”

But being together only on Teams or Zoom in online meetings is not what Henriette wants. We’ve all had to get used to these since COVID-19 came along and disrupted our usual way of working.

We’re starting to travel again, but there’s no doubt that webinars and online meetings are here to stay – and in future they're going to be as an option or an addition to face-to-face physical get-togethers.

Barely two weeks into her job at BIMCO, Henriette was celebrating with members at the BIMCO House Summer Party in June. Maybe she was trying to get some of them to join her in her morning dips into the cold sea near her home in Copenhagen – she’s an avid winter bather.

“That was my first face-to-face event for BIMCO members, but it definitely won’t be the last,” she hastens to add. “We’ll be holding many more – and in many cities.”

But even if you live in warmer climes, you can still look forward to seeing her every week. One of her key tasks is to organise our new ultra-short BIMCO “15+15” webinars – they’ll be your new, quick way to catch up with the best news from the global shipping industry, with 15 minutes from a shipping expert and 15 minutes for questions
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