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BIMCO’s Casper Broustbo talks about our contract editor SmartCon

Published: 02 August 2022

SmartCon is BIMCO’s online contract editor. It allows users to edit, negotiate and finalise over 150 different shipping-related documents.

It includes the most popular and common contracts such as bills of lading, time and voyage charter parties as well as sale and purchase and newbuilding contracts. 

Casper Broustbo leads the global SmartCon development and support team spread across BIMCO's offices in Athens, Shanghai, Singapore, Houston and Copenhagen.

His journey with BIMCO, complimented by his expertise and interests, has provided crucial insight into the development of SmartCon and SmartCon Online which was launched in early 2022.

Casper, what’s the difference between SmartCon and SmartCon Online?

SmartCon Online is the fastest, most efficient and intuitive version of SmartCon and is designed to get your words in and your contracts done in any modern browser, in any device, anywhere in the world. The version of SmartCon in Microsoft Word provides the same functionality as SmartCon Online. It has more advanced editing functions than SmartCon Online, however it does require the most up-to-date version of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word to be used.

Why did BIMCO develop SmartCon?

We’ve been creating contracts since the very beginning. We believe that standardised terms give equality and fairness and support shipping businesses. That is something very close to our hearts.Developing SmartCon allows us to take this one step further as it provides the transparent editing and negotiating of our 300 contracts and clauses. This ensures equality and fairness to support businesses of any size across all shipping sectors and allow users to be responsive to a world that is constantly changing.

What are the benefits of using SmartCon?

SmartCon is fast, easy and secure to use, and your contracts and negotiation will always be transparent.

Additional benefits include:

  • Over 150 standard shipping contracts available
  • Simple, easy and intuitive to use
  • No installation requirements
  • Available in any browser and in Microsoft Word

Who uses SmartCon?

Everyone involved with BIMCO contracts! From Lawyers and Brokers, to Charterers, Owners, Agencies and security companies in the shipping, offshore, oil and gas and renewables industry and all parties involved in the supply chain.

Which are the top 10 contracts used in SmartCon?

The top 10 contracts used in SmartCon in 2022 are:

  • SUPPLYTIME - used for offshore, renewables and oil and gas
  • GUARDCON – used to put armed security guards on board a ship going through dangerous waters
  • Norwegian Saleform – used for sale and purchase of ships*
  • SHIPMAN – used by ship managers
  • BARECON – used to rent a bare ship without crew
  • GENCON – is short general contract, and is a voyage charter party, but used for all kinds of situations
  • TOWCON – used for rental of tugs
  • NYPE – used for time charters
  • HEAVYLIFTVOY – used in situations that require heavy lifting and special equipment
  • REPAIRCON – used in cases where the ship needs to be repaired

    * BIMCO has produced its own ship sale and purchase agreement - SHIPSALE 22, which is also available in SmartCon.

Which contracts are available in SmartCon?

Over 150 contracts can be found in SmartCon – a full list of contracts can be found here.

Are there any new contracts to look out for in SmartCon?

SHIPSALE 22 was launched in April 2022. 

How can I access SmartCon?

If your company is not registered yet, you can sign up at https://www.bimco.org/authentication/register

If your company is already setup in our system, all you need is to login and go to My Account and SmartCon to purchase an account

Finally, tell us a bit more about Casper!

I joined BIMCO in 2013 in client support, progressing to product manager and now Head of Products.

I have a master's degree in economics and marketing, My focus is the connection between IT and developer and the end users, ensuring SmartCon can support all businesses globally of any size across our key sectors: shipping, offshore oil and gas and renewables.

Key stats about SmartCon

  • Every 15 minutes a contract is finalised in SmartCon
  • 2,000 companies in over 100 countries are using SmartCon
  • Over 150 standard contracts available
Casper Broustbo


Casper Broustbo

Manager, Products

Copenhagen, Denmark