BIMCO Singapore staff

BIMCO's Singapore office back in business

Published: 09 June 2022

BIMCO is very pleased to announce that its Singapore team has finally arrived in Singapore ready to spearhead BIMCO’s presence and activities further in Asia.

As an organisation with a global outreach, it is vitally important for BIMCO to be close to its members no matter where in the world those members are based .

Together with BIMCO’s office in Shanghai, the Singapore office will get in contact with a wide range of members in Asia to get a better understanding of their particular needs for practical support and advice so that BIMCO can tailor its membership services accordingly.

The Singapore team consists of Søren Larsen (Deputy Secretary General), Ashok Srinivasan (Manager for Maritime Safety and Security) and Megan Lim (Student Intern). Søren has been with BIMCO for close to 35 years and possesses a wealth of experience from the maritime contractual world. Ashok has been with BIMCO for almost four years with a total maritime industry experience of 22 years, and Megan is currently studying Maritime business at Nanyang Technological University having been with BIMCO for nearly two years. Our newly-established Singapore team hopes to see many BIMCO members and potential members coming by the Singapore Office in the near future.

A housewarming event will take place in the second half of September coinciding with a roadshow in Singapore on BIMCO’s recently published SHIPSALE 22 contract. Both events will be announced at a later date.

The BIMCO office is located at One George Street, Level 10, which is also referred to as the Great Room.

Soeren Larsen


Søren Larsen

Deputy Secretary General

Singapore, Singapore