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Think global, act local - BIMCO to open office in Houston

Published: 23 February 2022

To create a truly global organisation, BIMCO is opening an office in the US. After consultation with key members and the industry, we have chosen to locate it in Houston.

A BIMCO office in the US will improve BIMCO’s service to existing members and make recruiting new members in the western hemisphere easier.

We also plan to set up a service function for SmartCon users in order to provide round-the-clock support by taking advantage of time zones to supplement the SmartCon support we offer from Athens, Copenhagen, and Shanghai.

Training will also be boosted, as there is a significant demand for our highly-respected training courses in the US, and a local presence and local speakers will make the courses even more attractive. Initially, we will have two staff based out of the Houston office.

They will work closely together with BIMCO HQ in Denmark and the other BIMCO offices around the world. To get it all up and running, we are already looking for our new Regional Manager.

See the job opening.

Michael Lund


Michael Lund

Deputy Secretary General

Copenhagen, Denmark