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CONVERSIONCON call for comments

Published: 03 November 2021

BIMCO seeks members' comments on the latest draft of this new contract.

We want your opinion on industry first conversion contract

BIMCO has been busy drafting a new ship conversion contract dubbed CONVERSIONCON and the project is close to completion. Before we finalise and publish the contract in early 2022, we would like to hear the views of future users.

Comments received by Friday 19 November 2021 will help shape the new ship conversion contract.

Download the draft

When considering the draft, please answer the following questions:


Question 1

It has been decided to include a clause covering the design responsibility (see Clause 15 – Design). Under the clause, the default position will be that the owner is responsible for the basic design and the yard is responsible for the detailed design an engineering. Do you agree with this approach?

Question 2

The drafting team has decided against including a clause for sea trials. While sea trials are common for larger conversion projects, there are also several projects where sea trials are not undertaken. It is the expectation that if sea trials are relevant, this will be covered in detail in the specification. Do you agree with this approach?

Question 3

Mindful of the wide range of conversion projects to be facilitated by the conversion contract, the performance/Liquidated Damages-regulation (which works well in a newbuilding contract) has not been included. Accordingly, the limitation of liability for “other liquidated damages” has been left open and it is up to the parties to define and address. Do you agree with this approach or do you think that a box linked to Clause 12 – Other Liquidated Damages in which the parties can insert a liability cap for “other liquidated damages” should be included?

Please mention any other comments you may have.

Please send your response to


Mads Wacher Kjaergaard

Project Manager, Standards, Innovation and Research

Copenhagen, Denmark