15+15 webinar: How to simplify your Safety Management Systems with focus on the user – the seafarer

  • 22 February 2023
  • 22 February 2023
  • Online
  • Henriette Dybkær
  • hdy@bimco.org

Most Safety Management Systems (SMS) have become too big, too complex, and lost sight of the user – the seafarer. An overly complex SMS is a problem but also a potential for improvement.
Today’s shipping companies use next generation technology and ships with the latest solutions. But this is often not the case with their SMS text. Human error and not following procedures cause up to 80 % of marine losses. This webinar shares how to improve procedures and checklists considerably by making them more process oriented and reducing the number of words without removing any facts. Afterwards, valuable information will stand out more clearly and reduce the risk of error.

Terje Lovoy, from Lovoy Training INC, is a former SAS Scandinavian Airlines vice president, airline captain and Boeing factory instructor. Since 2009, the Lovoy Team researched and developed methods to simplify and improve shipping SMSs and the highlight of this advice is what he will share in this webinar. 

  • SMS simplification benefits and risks
  • Recent developments in user-friendly SMS structure design
  • Case studies from shipping companies who simplified their SMS
  • How to simplify and also comply better with the latest industry standards

On Lovoy's website, you can find Maritime Plain Language Dictionary, articles from Marine Insurance Loss Prevention, US Coast Guard, Research Journals, case study videos from other shipping companies and much more.


This 30-minute webinar begins at 13:00 UTC (See your time zone here)


15+15 weekly webinars are a 30-minute webinar which includes a 15-minute presentation followed by a 15-minute Q&A