Future International Trade – Unleashing opportunities through electronic bills of lading

  • 01 November 2022
  • 01 November 2022
  • Online
  • Grant Hunter
  • gh@bimco.org

BIMCO's Grant Hunter, Director of Standards, Innovation and Research, is hosting this webinar with guest speaker Hannah Nguyen, Director, Digital Ecosystems, ICC Digital Standards Initiative, International Chamber of Commerce.


  • Where are we and where are we going?
  • What needs to be done?
  • Main drivers for the current push?
  • Where does the eBL piece fit into the jigsaw that is the digital trade ecosystem?
  • How important is eBL in the big picture?
  • Is the eBL on its own helpful or are other things required too?
  • How is BIMCO responding to the "drivers for the current push for trade digitalisation"?
  • What is BIMCO’s aspiration when you agreed to join the DSI Industry Advisory Board?
  • How has working together with the DSI helped BIMCO’s members?

There will be time for questions from the audience.


The webinar starts at 08:00 UTC See the time in your local time zone