7th World Maritime Technology Conference

  • 27 April 2022
  • 27 April 2022
  • Tivoli Congress Center
  • Dr Bev Mackenzie
  • bm@bimco.org

Dr Bev Mackenzie, BIMCO’s London Representative and Manager, Marine Environment will moderate a panel with participants from WISTA associations across Europe showcasing female tech leadership to the wider maritime sector and touching upon topics and issues that are also the forefront of the BIMCO agenda. 

The World Maritime Technology Conference (WMTC) is held every third year under the auspices of the World Maritime Technology Congress. WMTC is one of the most important conferences in the field of maritime technology globally.

The stated aim for the congress and thus conference is to provide general benefit for the global marine community as a whole and mutually for individual organisations and their members by providing a forum for joint development and implementation of selected specific initiatives.

The conference attracts professionals within the fields of naval architecture and marine and offshore engineering. Likewise, the conference is relevant for companies, executives and other professionals with an interest in naval architecture and marine and offshore engineering. In addition, a student programme enables national as well as international students to attend and present their work.

The World Maritime Technology Congress consists of 21 member organisations from 17 countries and is thus a worldwide organisation connecting professionals within the field of maritime technology.

Up to now, WMTC has been held six times with the last conference (WMTC 2018) hosted by the Shanghai Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers in Shanghai, China in 2018.