Economist Impact World Ocean Summit

  • 01 November 2021
  • 01 November 2021
  • Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

BIMCO President Sabrina Chao will be a panellist at the Asia Pacific Insight Hour. 

The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on international trade, and the shipping industry has been severely affected. Shipments are delayed and supply chains disrupted.

Although lockdowns may be easing, the chaos for supply chains continues. Some countries are struggling with lack of fuel and basic resources. Consumers increasingly face shortages in shops. Retailers are gearing up for the year-end peak season and pressures on supply chains are increasing.

This session will evaluate the impact of the pandemic on the maritime transport industry and the global economy. Our speakers will discuss potential solutions for the possible resumption of normal marine transport around the world.

The insight hour is scheduled directly after the opening ceremony of Hong Kong Maritime Week, at 10.00-11.00 on 1 November at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.  

The moderator will be Charles Goddard, Executive Director at The Economist Group