Victim of drug smuggling - protections and pitfalls

  • 24/02/2021
  • 24/02/2021
  • Webinar
  • Jakob P. Larsen

Starting at 10:00 CET this webinar focuses on the increasing problems with ships being abused as mules by drug smugglers in South America.

Hosted by BIMCO’s Head of Maritime Safety & Security, Jakob P. Larsen, the webinar examines the methods used by drug smugglers, and discusses the implications to shipowners of falling victim to these crimes.

For this webinar BIMCO has joined forces with security experts Cormac Mc Garry and Eduardo Arcos from Control Risks. Drawing on Control Risks extensive experience in South- and Central America, Cormac and Eduardo will brief on the latest trends regarding smuggling methods.

Furthermore, the webinar is supported by CEO of Internship Navigation Ltd. Dieter Rohdenburg and by Designated Person Ashore Piotr Rusinek from the ship management company Intership Navigation Ltd. The company has had some first-hand experience with drug smuggling, and Piotr Rusinek will share his experience regarding protection measures and case handling in the very complex scenarios that arise in countries like Mexico, where authorities goes to extremes do demonstrate resolve in the fight against drugs, sometimes at the expense of the seafarers and companies who themselves are victims of the drug smugglers’ criminal activities.