BIMCO Autonomous Ships Seminar

  • 27/03/2019
  • 27/03/2019
  • Bagsværdvej 161,
    2880 Bagsværd
  • Mr. Jeppe Skovbakke Juhl

The aim of the BIMCO Autonomous Ships Seminar is to identify the shipowners’ views on this topic, which is currently being driven by manufacturers.

The seminar will cover the theoretical angle of autonomous ships from a shipowner's point of view as well as consider some practical projects/business cases. Craig Eason, the moderator, will steer the discussions during the three different sessions to reach tangible conclusions. At the end of session one, which is entitled " Shipowners' focus", the aim is to prioritize the five most important developments in order to make autonomous shipping a reality. Session two will concentrate on how best to prepare the industry and identify what the next steps should be. Session three will concentrate on capturing a realistic picture of the future with the help of some business cases. At the end of the seminar there will be a chance for networking at the reception hosted by BIMCO.

Cost effective accommodation has been reserved at the Phoenix Hotel, Bredgade 37, Copenhagen. When contacting the hotel to book a room please refer to: 

Group Name: BIMCO Marine Seminar; 
Group Booking ID 1617622.

The deadline for reserving accommodation is Monday 4 March 2019, after which availability cannot be guaranteed.

The seminar and reception are free of charge as are the bus transfers from the hotel to BIMCO House, but please note that flights and accommodation are at your own expense.

There are a limited number of seats and if the event is oversubscribed, shipowners will be prioritised.

The programme is as follows:


08:30-08:35 Welcome
By Mr Stefan Bülow, Chairperson of BIMCO’s Marine Committee

Session 1 Shipowner's focus

08:35-08:40 Introduction
By moderator, Craig Eason

08:40-09:05 Key note
Douglas Lang, Group Managing Director, Anglo-Eastern Group

09:05-09:30 Key note
Per Brinchmann, Vice President, Wilh. Wilhelmsen Holding ASA

09:30-10:00 Plenary discussion – moderator Craig Eason
Ship owners focus - prioritize the five most important developments in order to make autonomous shipping happen.

10:00-10:25 Break

Session 2 Shipping of tomorrow

10:25-10:30 Introduction
By moderator, Craig Eason

10:30-11:00 Status of the regulatory work
Henrik Tunfors, Chairman of IMO working group, Transportstyrelsen, Sweden

11:00-11.30 Connectivity a prerequisite for autonomous shipping 
Hans Ottosen, CEO, Danelec Marine

11:30-12:00 Zooming in on civil liability and insurance
Bjarke Holm Hansen, CORE

12:00-12:30 Automation, technology, employment - The future of work
Dr. Jens-Uwe Schröder-Hinrichs, WMU

12:30-13:00 Plenary discussion – moderator Craig Eason
Shipping of tomorrow. How to prepare the industry and what are our next steps?

13:00-14:00 Lunch

Session 3 Business cases and projects

14:00-14:05 Introduction 
By moderator, Craig Eason

14:05-14:35 Economic aspects for deep sea autonomous shipping
Ørnulf Jan Rødseth, SINTEF Ocean, Norway

14:35-15:05 Demonstration project for autonomous ships in Japan
Hideyuki Ando, Senior General Manager of MTI, (NYK Group)
Capt. Tomoyuki Koyama, Managing Corporate Officer, NYK Line

15:05-15:25 Break

15:25-15:55 Looking for autonomy in shipping
Lennart Swoboda,  Bernard Schulte GmbH & Co. KG

15:55-16:25 Taking autonomy to reality; about challenges and opportunities
Guri-Anette Kjelgum/Erik Lyngnes, Wilhelmsen Ship Management

16:25-16:55 Plenary discussion – moderator Craig Eason
Realistic business cases. How can we ensure that we capture a realistic picture of the future?

16:55-17:00 Wrap up and goodbye


17:00-19:00 Reception hosted by BIMCO


19:00 Busses depart to CPH airport or downtown Copenhagen