This booklet contains GENCON 94 (BIMCO General Voyage Charter Party) and explanatory notes on its clauses. The booklet is one out of a range of booklets with popular BIMCO standard documents.

GENCON 94 is the most popular and widely used general purpose voyage charter party in the industry and is for all kinds of trades and for numerous types of cargoes.

Price (Members) EUR 20
Price (Non Members) EUR 40

Total in EUR including packing and airmail postage, excl. V.A.T.

[25% Danish V.A.T. applicable to Danish customers (except when publication to be sent to an address outside EU), EU customers not V.A.T. registered and non-EU customers requiring publications to be sent to an EU customer who is not VAT registered]

GENCON 94 is available on BIMCO’s online charter party editing system, idea. If you sign up to idea, you will get full access to electronic versions of more than 70 different charter parties, bills of lading and other standard shipping documents – all at a very competitive price. The system is Microsoft Word based and easy to use as well as highly secure.

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