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Before launching IDEA

In order to launch IDEA, you will first need to download and install the Citrix Workspace app.

Find IDEA when you have an account

When you login to, you can press "Create a contract using IDEA" or go to My Account, and BIMCO's IDEA in order to press Launch.

How to add or delete text

Adding text is simple; place the cursor where you want to add your text and start typing (will show in red). You delete text by selecting the text you want to delete and then press delete on your keyboard (will show in blue with a line through). You can undo a deletion by selecting the deleted text and then press “Reverse changes” in the ribbon.

How to copy and paste in IDEA

Due to copyright issues it is not possible to copy text from IDEA to your local files outside IDEA. What you can do is to paste your own text into IDEA using Ctrl + V. You can also copy your own text within IDEA from one place to another by using Ctrl + C.

Print a clean copy of a document

You can print a clean copy of your document the same way you print working copy. By selecting “print and email as PDF”. This will send a secure PDF of your document to the chosen email. However, you can’t print clean copies during the trial period.

How to calculate the cost of one clean copy

Multiply the price per print count for the type of account with the print counts per document. Our different payment options can be found at payment options.

How to add more credits to print another clean copy

IDEA credits/print counts are not pre-paid, so if you have reached your credit max you need to settle the used print counts in order to print another clean copy.

How to create another user

In order to create another user for the IDEA account you must have the “staff update” and “IDEA administrator” rights.

    • After login at the top, go to “My Account” and select “Staff details”.
    • Click “Add another contact” in order to setup a colleague with a login to
    • Once created they can go to register and press “Forgotten your password?” in order for them to create their own password
      (They will receive an email with a link to create a password).
    • Note: If he or she should have access to IDEA. Go to “BIMCO’s IDEA” in My Account, and choose “Administration”.
    • “Users & delegation” is a list of all staff members created in the staff updater, and by selecting each of them you will grant them access to IDEA.
    • “Printing email addresses” is your list of recipients in IDEA.


Sharing Documents:

How to share a document with an IDEA user from another company

  • first you must setup the user to your trusted partners network. Find “Trusted partners” from My Account, under BIMCO's IDEA. They will then need to accept your invitation to be a trusted partner. Note that you need to add their login email for IDEA in your trusted partners.  
  • when the user you want to share a document with is setup as a trusted partner, you will then be able to add the user when you click the sharing icon.
  • if the icon is grey, you will need to save your document and give it a name (or you might be using an updated template).   

How does the sharing function work?

Sharing a document means 2 things:

The person sharing the document can decide who he/she wants to share the document with. This includes colleagues using the same IDEA account. Only those included will be able to see the document. (If it is a trusted partner from another company, they will NOT be able to see any other documents on your IDEA account except the ones you share with them).

When you have shared a document with one or more users, you will take turns amending the document. The different users/companies will have their own colour, as well as the current user’s amendments. Each time a user has made changes and "pass on" the document, it will create a new version. You will always be able to see the changes and who has made them and be able to refer to the previous version.

For more information about sharing documents, please see the full guide here.

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