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In response to queries from members on application of the calculation methodology contained in the IMO guideline, BIMCO has created the EEDI Calculator.

The initial EEDI Calculator version 1.10 was an implementation of the calculation guideline contained in IMO Circular MEPC.1/Circ.681. The calculation guideline is now finalized, and BIMCO updated the EEDI Calculator to version 1.32 according to the amended according to the guideline contained in Resolution MEPC 212(63).

MEPC 65 held from 13-17 May 2013 agreed to several new aspects of both the EEDI Regulations contained in MARPOL Annex VI, Chapter 4 as well as the associated EEDI Calculation Guideline. The agreed changes to the regulations includes two new ship types for mandatory EEDI application; Ro/Ro Cargo Ships and Ro/Ro Passenger Ships. The MEPC also agreed to introduce acorrection factor when calculating the Attained EEDI for General Cargo Ships.

The EEDI is implemented as a new chapter to MARPOL Annex VI, as it is mandatory for ships constructed after 1 January 2013.

EEDI is a certified energy efficiency design index that is required as part of the IAPP Certificate for new ships of certain categories: bulk carriers, gas carriers, tankers, container ships, general cargo ships, refrigerated cargo carriers and combination carriers. Ships of these categories must have an EEDI assigned before entering into service and above certain threshold sizes must have an EEDI below a required value.

The EEDI Calculator provides for calculating both a ship's attained EEDI as well as the required EEDI, if applicable.

The single most critical value when calculating the attained EEDI is the ship's speed in the index condition. The EEDI Calculator helps calculating the propulsion power and deadweight capacity for the index condition and it is then up to the user of the EEDI Calculator to obtain the correlating reference speed.

The EEDI Calculator plots the attained EEDI against the ship type specific reference line and associated phased limit lines for the required EEDI.

Version 1.35 of the BIMCO EEDI Calculator is now ready for download from the below link.

It is the hope that the EEDI calculator will make EEDI performance of known ship designs more visible, as well as providing an easy way to assess changes in EEDI when design parameters are altered.

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