Top analysts discuss the COVID-19 world in “The shipping markets checkpoint” webinar series


BIMCO is launching a webinar series with analysts from the industry sharing their knowledge and views of the future of commercial shipping markets, in a response to recent postponements of on-site shipping conferences and events.

The series is titled: “The Shipping Markets Checkpoint: threats and opportunities in a COVID-19 world.”

Throughout the series, Peter Sand, BIMCO’s Chief Shipping Analyst, and guest speakers selected from the top shelf of analysts will debate the state of threats and opportunities in a COVID-19 world.

Moderated by Rasmus Jørgensen, BIMCO’s Communications Director, the webinars will discuss the changes caused by the pandemic, as well as current and future developments in the three main shipping markets.

#1. The shipping markets checkpoint – Is the rise of dry bulk here to stay?

Guest speaker: Randy Giveans

The first webinar in the series takes place on 24 September from 3 PM (CET), featuring Randy Giveans, Senior Vice President Equity Research at Jefferies as Peter Sand’s guest speaker.

The two analysts will examine and discuss the strong recovery in Chinese dry bulk imports, as well as the recent signs of weakness in the market and what it all means for the dry bulk industry overall.

With all ship sizes above their break-even levels, Randy Giveans and Peter Sand will share their outlook for the dry bulk freight rates and fleet development.

Despite the little newbuilding interest that leaves the order-book at multi-year lows, BIMCO believes that more tonnage is not what the market needs.

#2. The shipping markets checkpoint – Tanker shipping: threats and opportunities

Guest Speaker: Paul Marsh

The second webinar in the series takes place on 21 October from 10 AM (CET) with Paul Marsh, Research Director at Navig8 Group, joining Peter Sand for a discussion of the tanker shipping market.

Marsh and Sand will discuss the recent shift in the tanker industry; from a stunningly strong 12 months period to the current fall in freight rates. They will also discuss the outlook for global demand and production.

The analysts will examine what caused the come-back of VLCC rates in mid-September and identify threats and opportunities facing the oil tanker market in a post COVID-19 world.

BIMCO’s expectation is that the tanker fleet will continue to grow year-on-year, but the fall in newbuilding orders during the pandemic, combined with the poor outlook, will result in lower fleet growth than in previous years.

#3. The shipping markets checkpoint – Is profitability here to stay?

Guest Speaker: Mark Williams

Focusing on the container shipping market, the third webinar will feature Mark Williams, Managing Director at Shipping Strategy, as guest speaker, and will take place on 11 November from 10 AM (CET).

With carriers having achieved high freight rates and profitability in the first half of the year through large-scale capacity reductions and low bunker prices, Mark Williams and Peter Sand will share their outlook for container shipping demand and recovery of the market.

The container shipping market is particularly vulnerable to changes in consumer spending, which has been severely impacted by lockdowns across the world due to the pandemic. April and May have so far proven to be the worst months for global container shipping volumes.

The two analysts will also discuss the outlook for the containership fleet.

#4. The shipping markets checkpoint – the dominating factors of the oil tanker market

Guest Speaker: Mason Hamilton

The fourth webinar in the series takes place on 10 December from 15 PM (CET) with Mason Hamilton, Senior Economic and Policy Advisor of the US Department of Energy joining Peter Sand for a discussion upon the state of the oil market and its reflection on the tanker shipping market.

Hamilton and Sand will discuss an unbalanced oil market that dominates the uncertainty in the oil tanker shipping market.  They will also discuss the factors influencing oil exports and imports as well as the changes brought by the IMO2020 regulation.

After the boost experienced by the oil tankers immediately after the start of the COVID-19 crisis, BIMCO expects that in the long run, the lower aviation and transport demand, the build up of inventories and the fundamentally lower oil consumption, could hurt the industry for at least 12 months.

The webinars will be broadcasted live on BIMCO's YouTube channel where you will have the chance to engage with the analysts, asking the burning questions on your mind during the Q&A session.

Peter Sand
in Copenhagen, DK


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