Webinar - Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

  • 14/12/2021
  • 14/12/2021
  • Online
  • Jakob P. Larsen
  • jpl@bimco.org

BIMCO, with the support of the International Transportation Workers Federation (ITF), World Shipping Council (WSC), and the International Shipmanagers’ Association (InterManager) is hosting a seminar to examine progress made so far and what remains to be accomplished to suppress piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. 

Moderated by Jonathan Huggins (maritime consultant to Stable Seas) a wide range of experts from regional stakeholders, seafarer groups and UN agencies will be giving their perspectives on the situation.

Featured speakers will include the Indian Minister of Ports, Shipping and Waterways (Mr. Shri Sarbananda Sonowal), the authors of the recent UNODC report on Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea (Pirates of the Niger Delta, Between Blue and Brown Water), seafarers who have been recently affected by piracy, and regional authorities providing updates on regional efforts to coordinate operations. There will also be a session specifically devoted to better incorporating international support, and how to ensure a legal finish for longer term results.

It is hoped that his event will help to cement existing cooperation and open new avenues that can assist in mitigating piracy and other violent crime in the Gulf of Guinea over the longer term.